Venue Booyoung Hotel & Resort Jeju
Address 2554-2 Jungmun-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
Tel. +82-64-731-5500
Parking Information
Booyoung Resort is located next to Booyoung Hotel.
If you park at Booyoung Resort, it is far from the ICMAP 2024 venue, so please park in the hotel parking lot.
There is no parking fee in the Booyoung Hotel parking lot.
Booyoung Hotel & Resort Jeju is the passion and feel of Caribbean Sea have been properly reflected here in Jeju Island and its geography by Ricardo Legorreta, a Mexican architect.
The largest convention hotel in the Jeju area, it boasts a lounge, buffet restaurant, beach promenade with promenade and spectacular views of the emerald sea. We'll find a place where you can get some comfort away from the busy city life.