Invited Speakers
Topic A. Plasma Processes for Device & Nanomaterial Application
"Plasma Atomic Layer Etching for Metals and Dielectric Materials"

Prof. Heeyeop Chae (Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea)

"Process and Equipment of TEL for the Advanced Technology"

Dr. Young Woo Park (Tokyo Electron Korea, Korea)

Topic B. Plasma Diagnostics & Processing Monitoring
“Quantifying the States of Semiconductor Process Chambers and its Application”

Dr. Inshik Bae (Aether Inc, Korea)

“Non-invasive Plasma Diagnostics for Plasma Process Monitoring”

Dr. Si-Jun Kim (Chungnam Nat’l Univ., Korea)

Topic C. Innovative Industrial Plasma Technology
“Investigation of Curling Probe for Industrial Application”

Prof. Ogawa Daisuke (Chubu Univ., Japan)

“E-Matcher – Game Changer in Fast and Accurate Processing of Plasma Power Sources”

Prof. Yongsug Suh (Jeonbuk Nat’l Univ., Korea)

Topic D. Plasma Modeling & Simulation
“TCAD Augmented Generative Adversarial Network for Hot-spot Detection and Mask-layout Optimization in HARC Etch Process”

Dr. Hyoungcheol Kwon (SK Hynix, Korea)

“Discharge Characteristics and Dynamics of Atmospheric Micro-pore Pulsed Dielectric Barrier Discharge”

Prof. Jianjun Shi (Fudan Univ., China)

Topic E. Plasma Processes for Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) Gas Applications
“Computational Approaches for Low-GWP Alternative Gas Development”

Dr. Heechoi Choi (KFE, Korea)

“Ensuring Sustainability of Etch Technology”

Master. Sung-Il Cho (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea)

“Reducing Carbon Footprint in Dry Etching Toward Sustainable Semiconductor Manufacturing”

Dr. Huichan Seo (SK Hynix Inc., Korea)

Topic F. Plasma Bio-Medicine & Environments
“Lifetime of Nitric Oxide Produced by Surface Dielectric Barrier Discharges in Controlled Atmospheres”

Dr. Hyungyu Lee (KAIST, Korea)

“Understanding Plant Molecular Response to Low-temperature Plasma Irradiation”

Prof. Kazunori Koga (Kyushu University, Korea)

Topic G. 2D Materials and Nano/Micro Device Applications
“Contact and Doping Engineering for 2D FETs by Utilizing Oxygen Plasma Treatments”

Prof. Min Sup Choi (Chungnam Nat’l Univ., Korea)

Topic H. Advanced Silicon based Semiconductor Devices
“Energy-efficient Neuromorphic Systems Driven by Emerging Device Technologies”

Prof. Jiyong Woo (Kyungpook Nat'l Univ., Korea)

“Physics-based Modeling and Performance Evaluation of 3D Memory Cell”

Prof. Keun Heo (Jeonbuk Nat’l Univ., Korea)

“High Performance Scene Generator for Testing of Neuromorphic Sensors”

Prof. Bruce Gnade (Mustang Optics LLC, USA)

Topic I. Flexible and Stretchable Devices
“Composite Materials in Functional and Transient Electronics”

Prof. Sang Min Won (Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea)

“Mechanical Energy Harvesting Devices and Potential to Power Implantable Applications”

Prof. Hong-Joon Yoon (Gachon Univ., Korea)

Topic J. Energy and Environment Related Devices
"Interfacial Engineering of Perovskite Optoelectronics using Functional Organic Molecules"

Prof. Min Kim (Jeonbuk Nat’l Univ., Korea)

“High Efficiency Flexible Cu-based Chalcogenide Thin Film Photovoltaics”

Dr. Donghyeop Shin (KIER, Korea)

Topic K. Interconnect and Packaging
“Laser-based μLED Chip Transfer Process with High Precision and High Speed”

Dr. Seungman Kim (KIMM, Korea)

“A Finite Element Analysis Approach for Solder Joint Reliability”

Prof. Yong-Seok Lee (Myongji Univ., Korea)